Artist Statement

Through my personal photography I set out to capture moments in time that cannot ordinarily be seen, allow you to see the world around you with a fresh set of eyes, and make you question what you are seeing. Through the use of long exposures I am able to create images that otherwise would be impossible to see with a traditional exposure.  The extension of time in the frame provides the viewer an opportunity to see the world in a completely new way.  Applying the technique of macro photography allows one to view to view the simple everyday world in a manner never experienced before.  My hope is that the ordinary becomes the extraordinary as the viewer takes a moment to stop and think about the subject matter before them. Crystal ball photography allows me to apply the scientific principle of refraction to force the viewer to question what they are seeing.  This allows the audience to experience a photograph in a new and exciting way.  


Long Exposure Photography


Macro Photography


Crystal Ball Photography