Millie!  Millie was a blast to photograph.  We got her to fetch the ball a few times but mostly she wanted someone to chase her while she ran away with the ball.  The first photo in this gallery is one of my all-time favorites!  

Compton!  Compton has come a long way in a year.  When I first met him he was a tiny little thing with giant paws.  Well he certainly has grown into those paws and then some.  Compton was a good sport as he was chased around the hillside. The Santa hat that we had for him to wear quickly turned into Compton's favorite new toy.  Thanks for the fun morning!  Perfect way to start the day.


Otto! Otto was one of the easiest dogs to ever work with.  Excited to play when we needed some action shots and well behaved when we needed some stillness for portraits.  He really enjoyed the ball I brought along for him to play with.  So much so we let him have it!  

Reily!  Boundless energy best describes this little pup!  From the second she was out of the car it was playtime.  Due to her active personality we got tons of great action shots as you can see below.  I found a few moments to sneak in a portrait or two and with the help of some treats got her to sit at the end for some final shots.  

Benny and Jessie!  These two were a blast to work with and photograph.  Once they got going we played some frisbee, got in the creek, played chase with a stuffed groundhog, then finally relaxed inside before we finished our session. Tons of energy!  

Rocky and Katniss!  One of my first "senior" clients to work with Rocky was a champ!  We even got him to play a little fetch and catch some balls.  Great working with you Rocky.  Katniss was a little shy at first but after she saw what fun Rocky was having she joined us for a bit.  Inside she loosened up a bit and let me get in close for a few shots.  Thanks Katniss!

Lily and Kip!  Lily was an amazing little pup! She was up for anything and was an extremely photogenic dog.  Kip was less than impressed with me and my camera but I still managed to get some good shots! Thanks for being a good sport Kip.