Drone Focused School Assemblies and Group Aerial Photography

In need of an exciting assembly to enhance your school’s S.T.E.A.M. curriculum? The drone industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of our economy and in the future there will be a huge demand for employees with the knowledge and skills to operate these devices. As a former educator of students from kindergarten through eighth grade, I know the importance of using engaging and enriching topics to teach the curriculum. My drone education assembly will engage your students in a rising field and spark passions for aviation and photography. During the assembly the students will learn about the science involved with drone operation and the basics for how a drone works in conjunction with a controller and a variety of apps and maps. In addition to witnessing the exciting flight of drones, students will learn about the commercial uses for drones in fields such as real estate, surveillance, film-making, mineral exploration, disaster relief, and farming. Finally, I also cover the history of unmanned aeronautics and the process for becoming a licensed pilot.

As a special addition to this assembly, I offer aerial photographs of any size student groups and aerial photographs and video of buildings and grounds. Make your school stand out on websites, brochures, and yearbook pages with these unique photographs and videos. Your students will be thrilled with what they witness and learn about from my drone assembly in addition to seeing themselves and their school from a drone’s eye view.

Check below the photo for assembly and photography prices.

Drone Flyer Final.png


$300 - Large group 50-60 minute assembly (up to 150 students)

$250 - Small group 50-60 minute assembly (up to 75 students)

$150 - Individual class assembly (up to 25 students)

* Discount available for multiple assemblies booked on the same day.

Group Aerial Photography

$75 - Individual grade level photos *. (multiple angles 5 - 10 photos)

$150 - Whole School Group Shot (multiple angles 5 - 10 photos)

*   Book multiple grade levels and pay $50 per grade level

Buildings and Grounds Photography

$150 - Buildings and grounds. (multiple angles 10 - 15 photos)

$200 - Buildings and grounds. (10 - 15 photos and 5 - 10 video clips)

** Discount available for group photos and building/ground photos booked on the same day.

Order an assembly and photo package to receive 10% off.